Hi all,

For the needs of my current project, the browser widget is used a lot for the 
UI and should not have the default scroll bouncing behaviour, which doesn't 
make it feel "app-like" enough.

I tried some classical javascript/css approaches that work well on web pages 
(preventing default on the touchmove event, setting the body's position to 
"fixed") but with no success, neither did I find an answer in the various 
LiveCode sources I searched. All I know for the moment is that the iOS API 
allows to disable this feature, since a Unity mobile webview plugin I own does 
it by default.

Would anybody know if there is a solution to have this control stay in place 
whatever the scrolling gestures, and handle those events only for interacting 
with the content ?

Thanks very much in advance,

Yann Le Bihan
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