Graham Samuel wrote:

> I love the ‘LiveCode Error Lookup” plugin (by Richard Gaskin, revised
> by Jacque Gay), but in 8.1.1 (rc2) it doesn’t seem to work - am I
> doing something stupid?

My hunch is that the location of the error strings has changed between versions. I'll have to let Jacque do the update as I don't know where the latest master copy lives (I guess at some point we should move that to Github).

> On 13 Oct 2016, at 17:07, Mark Wieder <ahsoftware at> wrote:
> put line 347 of the executionerrors


 put the executionErrors the Message Box throws an "error in source expression", and there is no Dictionary entry for "executionErrors".

I believe I'd read somewhere that these are now stored in the engine - is that the case? If so, why doesn't querying the executionErrors work?

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