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> The stackFiles property maps names of stacks to filenames - it basically
> means that when the engine resolves a chunk reference 'stack <name>', if
> there is no stack in memory with the name <name>, then it will look through
> the stackFiles property of the stacks in memory to try and resolve it
> (starting with the stack of the script being executed). Furthermore, it
> resolves things relative to the path to the stack containing the stackFile
> line.

I think that I've finally figured out what happens in a sequence in 7.  My
main stack uses stored properties to load other stacks.  As near as I can
tell, a file didn't exist, but the director for it did..  The result for
this one of many is that the application browser shows the file as a loaded
main stack but clicking to open it causes it to disappear from that pane.

It's a rarely used stack so it took a long time to notice and gives me no
warning either that the load failed to succeed or that there is no stack as
I click.

I also see that when I have stack mystic of stack.a.livecode loaded, then
save it as stack.b.livecode, and even ad an explicit close for the old
filename, that it tends to lurk somewhere, and give the "what do you want
to do with  stack.b.ivecode before loading stack.a.livecode" when a should
be gone.

The only solution I've found is to quit and restart livecode

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