On 10/17/16 5:39 AM, Mark Waddingham wrote:
This isn't in fact a bug, just a subtle interaction with the stackFiles
property of your 'Master' stack.

The stackFiles property maps names of stacks to filenames - it basically
means that when the engine resolves a chunk reference 'stack <name>', if
there is no stack in memory with the name <name>, then it will look
through the stackFiles property of the stacks in memory to try and
resolve it (starting with the stack of the script being executed).
Furthermore, it resolves things relative to the path to the stack
containing the stackFile line.

So, if you have a line 'DataStack -> DataStack.livecode' in the
stackFiles, and if there is a DataStack.livecode file next to the stack
containing that stackFiles line; a reference 'stack DataStack' will
*always* resolve and load the stack.

In my case, the issue happens in the IDE instead of a standalone, and there are no stackfiles set up anywhere. It's likely I'm doing something in the scripts that causes the stacks to remain in memory, but the scripts used to work in LC 6 and stopped working in LC 7.

But it isn't a huge issue for us, and providing you with a test suite would mean sending you a mountain of files...the stacks are built and/or updated from hundreds of text and image files on disk. But I'll be happy to do that if you like. :)

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