Dear list members,

We are pleased to announce the release of LiveCode 9.0 DP 1, a development preview of LiveCode 9.

You can find out more about the release in this blog post, including an update to our release numbering:

Developer Preview Release
Warning: this is not a stable release. Please ensure that you back up your stacks before testing them.

Getting the Release
You can get the release at or via the automatic updater.

Release Contents
Full release notes:

Better code search
The IDE's code search tools are faster and work better for stacks that use behaviors heavily.

Improved "accept"
Set the "defaultNetworkInterface" property to control which network interfaces the "accept" command listens on.

Tab alignment info
Setting the "tabAlign" now affects the "htmlText" and "styledText" of the field.

Improved LCB compiler messages
Errors and warnings while compiling widgets now show you the code that caused the problem.

LiveCode 9.0 DP 1 contains 26 bug fixes along with many stability improvements.

Please report any bugs encountered either to our support team <> or on our BugZilla at

Have fun!
The LiveCode Team

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