So; oddly enough I spent about an hour messing around with LC 9.0 DP 1 today
and experienced a measured bit of pleasure (stlll do not like the Props palette that replaced that in LC 7 and backwards) as everything (on my Linux boz at least) seemed *considerably less arthritic than LC 8* was, even if not quite up to speed in comparison
with LC 7.

Still NO dictionary accessible from the IDE with either the Community or the Indy builds
for 64 bit Linux.

What I did notice as I did a "Save As" was that I was offered the chance to save in "Legacy 8.0" format which seemed to imply that LC 9 enjoys (?) a new file format, but I couldn't find any mention of that in the release notes . . . would be glad of a comment re that from the Mothership, please.

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