> On 7 Nov. 2016, at 3:57 am, Mark Wieder <ahsoftw...@sonic.net> wrote:
> Now rename the second stack to "Untitled 1"
> The property inspector allows this, but now gets very confused.

Ah… well that’s probably a bug. If the IDE can’t handle multiple stacks with 
the same name it should not allow this. Even if the IDE were refactored to only 
refer to stacks by long ID it would still get confused by multiple stacks with 
the same name that are unsaved. I think the solution is a more robust object 
handle we can use in scripts it would help I think. Ideally we can get a handle 
to an object and pass it around and it won’t matter how much we change the ID 
or name of the object the handle will still be valid. If we had that then we 
could get lists of stack handles and not get confused if there are multiple 
with the same name.


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