Ooookaaay. In the IDE I can set a property of the mainstack (not the Splash 
Stack mind you that I use to "shell" the application) to an array. When I 
retrieve that property and access a key of that array, all is well. HOWEVER... 
when I compile to a standalone, that key is apparently inaccessible. 

The property is an array of login values, like first name, last name, loginid 
etc. I SUSPECT, vaguely remembering past conversations about storing arrays as 
properties in a standalone, that I may need to arrayEncode them before I do! Is 
that correct?? If so, that can explain a multitude of issues I have been 

I ask here because if that is not the issue, I can save myself a ton of wasted 
time refactoring for a non-issue. 

Bob S

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