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Here's a test sample of some UTF8 I get back from a server:

  {"UserID":48,"UserName":"Eduardo Ba\u00f1uls","UserLoginName":"ebanu"}

If I run textDecode(<string>,"UTF8") on it, I get it back unaltered.
Does anyone recognize the text encoding? It doesn't seem to be UTF8.

If I then run JSONToArray on it, I get a LC array and the name is
changed to this:

  Eduardo Bañuls

And when I run textDecode on *that* it comes out right:

  Eduardo Bañuls

So what's the first string? JSONtoArray seems to recognize it. I'd like
to decode the JSON array completely before passing it to JSONtoArray. If
I can do that, I don't have to loop through all the array keys, decoding
each one individually.

Hm. Google says it's C/C++/Java encoding. Not sure what to do with that.

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