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Here's a test sample of some UTF8 I get back from a server:

  {"UserID":48,"UserName":"Eduardo Ba\u00f1uls","UserLoginName":"ebanu"}

Hi Jacque,

This is valid JSON (and also valid ASCII).  In JSON, any character in a
string may be encoded in the form \uXXXX where XXXX is the 4-digit
hexadecimal representation of a Unicode codepoint.  No textDecode()
operation is required.

JSONImport() handles this correctly.

1) Create a stack with a field and a button
2) Put the text above into the field
3) Set the script of the button to:

local tJson
put JSONImport(field 1) into tJson
answer tJson["UserName"]

4) Enter browse mode and click the button

You will get an answer dialog displaying "Eduardo BaƱuls".

Thank you, and Trevor also, for this. I hadn't heard of importJSON() before but it seems to be what I need. I'll take Trevor's advice and textDecode the JSON before running it through JSONImport(). All the incoming data is being decoded already anyway so I'll just leave that in place.

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