this is what I have so far…

command openWorkingFolderInFinder pFolderFile
    set the itemdel to "/"
    put pFolderFile into sRootFolder
    delete item -1 of sRootFolder    
    switch platform()
        case "MacOS"
            put ("open " & quote & sRootFolder & quote) into tShell
        case "Win32"
            put ("explorer.exe /n/root," & tRootfolder) into tShell
    end switch    
    get shell(tShell)
end openWorkingFolderInFinder

Can anyone test if this opens a folder on Windows?


On 2/22/17, 4:59 PM, "use-livecode on behalf of Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami via 
use-livecode" < on behalf of> wrote:

    OK  I studied the doc here:  

    and actually the use cases are more often to open a folder
    but I don't have windows to test
    does this work to open a folder window on Win32?
    get shell (”explorer.exe /n,/root,c:\windows\system32\my-project-folder")
    On 2/22/17, 1:54 AM, "use-livecode on behalf of Roger Eller via 
use-livecode" < on behalf of> wrote:
        get shell (”explorer.exe /select,c:\windows\system32\selected_file.txt")

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