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You need to ensure the internet permission is on for android. We
probably should make that automagicial with the test button..

Oh duh. Of course. I had overlooked the Android permission. Just in case, I also added internet and TSNet to the inclusions. Are those necessary too? I'm thinking probably not.

So I ran my test stack again and was blown away. This is one of the coolest and most needed features we've had in a very long time. In my current project I need to get the text of a long error result and was about to write an ftp handler so I could move it out of the Android sandbox to a place where I could access the text. Now I don't have to, I can just get it from the debugger. This is amazing.

I'd suggest that documentation make it clear what permissions and inclusions need to be set up. I'm not sure I'd make the permission automatic, since the final standalone may not want that permission set and the developer will probably forget to unset it, especially if they didn't know it was turned on in the first place.

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