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> All I did was plant the thought, and Bernd went nuts with it.  Welcome to
> management.  Where's my big paycheck and pin stripes?
> Anyway, we have been reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy slooooooooooooooooow as a
> community picking up the ball and running with it since LC went OSS.
> time we start going after ANYTHING in LC it's a plus, so I'm glad the
> dictionary is getting attention.

I supported LC OSS when it was in kickstarter with my personal $$$.  And it
was the largest sum that I personally have ever given toward any cause.  It
was very difficult for me because I don't sell any apps.  My investment was
1) because I believe in the potential of LC to empower non-programmers to
create, 2) to open the doors for OSS programmers to improve the product for
everyone,  3) to reap the reward of lifetime LC upgrades so I can continue
to enjoy creating without having to learn C or java, or whatever else.  I
have always loved the idea that our interface was created in its own
language. I see the advantages for the "team" to remove some burdens, but
at the same time it makes me feel like something special is being
abandoned.  But I'm not selling apps, so disregard me.

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