Other reasons to think about an external editor:
1) Code folding
2) Visual markers for structures (vertical lines that connect the beginning
and end of a control structure, making it easy to see)
3) Larger community, therefore more people to work on it, make suggestions,
3a) Maybe, eventually, the development team doesn't have to worry about the
SE, any more, at all.
4) Why is having an integrated editor important, if your edits made via an
external editor take effect immediately?  If we didn't need the L server
hack to get live edits, we could use any editor.
5) Choose the editor you want, for whatever reason you want it.
6) And if you're using Git or some other code repo tool,
...a) Less need to carefully mark changes in your code so you can track
them because the tool does that for you.  You can see all the changes that
have happened in a particular handler, and you can see all the changes that
go with a particular version across handlers.
...b) Undo, and undo from several months ago
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