Dr. Hawkins wrote:

> More commonly, until and unless livecode can save such that such
> standard tools or comparable can be applied, multi-person development
> will remain a fantasy and/or novelty.

And yet here we are, using an IDE written in LiveCode by a team comprised of dozens of company and community developers working together on a single code base.

> I've come to accept that the next major rewrite of my software is
> going to have to be in something else (Swift?) so that I can add
> developers, as well as the inability to actually put a pdf or eps
> on a card (just a bitmap of it won't do); livecode just doesn't
> seem to me doing towards such a direction.

The Business Edition has already gone that direction:

Probably at least an order of magnitude cheaper to upgrade to Business than to rewrite the whole thing in Swift from scratch. And with LC you get a cross-platform solution, while even if you did find a GUI framework for Swift for Windows you'd likely be writing a lot of forked code for each platform.

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