Bob Sneidar wrote:

> On Feb 24, 2017, at 22:09 , Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> on rawkeydown k
>>   if k = 99 then
>>      if the commandKey is "down" then copy
>>   end if
>> end rawkeydown
> For that matter I could just check the status of the "state" property
> (view | new | edit) to allow/disallow editing. Not saying there are
> not workarounds. I just think that LC should work like virtually
> every other forms based app I've ever used, where being editable is
> not a prerequisite for copying text.

The purpose of that script is not to allow copying, but to disallow cutting and pasting.

LC is a programming toolkit, and a very flexible one, with a wider range of GUI messages than most other scripting languages. The price of flexibility is the need to write code now and then.

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