Bob Sneidar wrote:
Hi Richard. You are "locking" fields. I am setting the traversalOn
to false. The reason I use this is because a locked field will still
show the focus border, which I do not want.

The focus border should be governed independently, using the showFocusBorder property.

If you turn that off and it still shows with traversalOn true, that would be a bug.

As for traversalOn, when I turn that off the reason I don't get a focus border is because I also don't get focus - without keyboard interaction allowed with traversalOn, I'm unable to select text.

That is, by the most common means, click-and-drag.

I do find that I can double-click a word to select it, and when double-clicked in a field with traversalOn turned off then my example menu does indeed fail to recognize that selection.

So I agree there's a bug there, but I'd go the other way: if traversalOn is supposed to prevent selections, it should also prevent selections that occur from double-clicking on words.

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