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Something else that would be good:  If I could go back to being able to
test right to the device, instead of having to build a standalone and then
install it.  I forget whose plugin let me do that, but I miss that,

It's built-in, always has been (unless I'm not understanding what you mean.) If your phone is cabled to the computer, when you click the Test button it builds to the connected device. I haven't had to build an iOS app for a while so maybe something changed there, but it does work on Android.

I occasionally have trouble getting my Mac to recognize that my Android phone is attached. In that case, I go to Terminal and do:

./adb stop-server
./adb start-server
./adb devices

And it usually lists the device. If adb can see it, so can LC.

I've only had that fail once, and no matter what I did the phone didn't show up. It turned out that I'd plugged the phone into the wrong one of three cables snaking around my desk, and the USB charger at the other end beligerantly refused to respond.

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