Eureka! I got it working on Andrioid 
--TSNet, check
--internet, check
--remote debugger, check
--internet permissions, check
-- manually set gRevDevelopment to true 
     (in msg box) # confirmed it is false even when checked in the IDE (weird)
-- set break point in a script
--  plug in Nexus5 with USB… 
-- build standalone
-- run: Yes! I'm asked if I want to run the debug session. I found where there 
is a problem  on android in a script that runs just fine on iOS and OSX desktop)

So far, so good; but I could "escape out" -- my app is locked upon the phone, 
(because I'm in the script editor no doubt) app and IDE on my desktop is 
locked. There was no way to return to development and look at the source.. I 
had to quit my main stack and start it again… on the phone I went to 
settings/Apps/SivaSiva -- force stop…did not have to quit LC though… 

Svasti Astu, Be Well 


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    I have it working on ios, but I have found several bugs with it.  It's the
    first try...

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