On 03/17/2017 05:46 AM, Michael Doub via use-livecode wrote:
time = 1489755600

Mac:      dateitems = 2017,3,17,9,0,0,6
server:   dateitems = 2017,3,17,12,0,0,6

Code:   get time
convertit to dateitems

I don't understand how the local time comes into play when converting a
constant number of seconds.  The resulting date should be a constant as

What am I missing?

That seems reasonable to me.
  I haven't been following this discussion

"get the time" will get a value based on the system's local time zone, so what you're thinking of as a constant is actually dependent on the system location. It looks to me like the server is three time zones away from the mac. If you don't want time zones to enter into the calculations

get the internet date
convert it to dateitems

 Mark Wieder

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