On 03/17/2017 01:20 PM, Michael Doub via use-livecode wrote:
Sorry guys, I must not have been clear in my statement of the problem.
Here is the code:

put 1489755600 into tVar
convert tVar into dateitems
 -- on the mac tVar contains 2017,3,17,9,0,0,6
 -- on the server tVar contains 2017,3,17,12,0,0,6

The local time should not be involved since you are converting a fixed
value.  What is happening?

Sorry - I can't replicate that.
With the desktop and server engines running on the same machine,

put 1489755600 into tVar
convert tVar into dateitems

gives me
IDE message box: 2017,3,17,6,0,0,6
server:          2017,3,17,6,0,0,6

Note that "convert into" is not supported.
It might be better to post the code you're actually using.

 Mark Wieder

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