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> On 4/29/17 6:13 pm, Richard Gaskin via use-livecode wrote:
>> So while we can build for a very wide range of Linux distros,
>> Android is Linux-based (as in, it uses the kernel and a handful
>> of other packages) but is not a Linux distro per se.
>> I don't believe Android includes what the LC engine expects to find
>> in order to run.
> If that is so why can LiveCode make standalones that run on ARM
> Android?

But can you run an Android APK made with LiveCode on an ARM Linux OS?

LC-built APKs expect things the Android OS packages provide.

Similarly, you can use the Raspberry Pi build of LC to deploy to ARM devices running Linux ARM distros packaged for that hardware, since that LC engine is compiled for the packages expected on Raspian and Raspian-like systems (e.g. Debian ARM, Ubuntu Core ARM, etc.).

The CPU architecture is only part of a complete breakfast. Delivering an application to that CPU will require integration with the OS it will run under.

<Semi-OT RPi ran>
As much as I enjoy having my Rpi2 and RPi3, I've only found one practical use for either (in progress; will probably write an article about it for MagPi when it's done).

For IoT they're wonderful, but for anything that needs a GUI even the RPi3 isn't very satisfying for someone used to ordinary desktop performance. And if a 100 Gb Ethernet port weren't bottleneck enough, sharing the controller with the USB 2 (yes, 2) port doesn't help.

As wonderful as it is to get a mobo for US$35, by the time you get a case, power supply, MicroSD card of reasonable size, and any other add-ons you might need, you're up to about $80.

Still not bad, but for just twice the price you can get more than 4 times the computing with one of the Atom- or Celeron-powered NUCs or Compute Sticks.

And with a NUC or stick you get the rest of the full x86 ecosystem, which includes being able to run the latest and greatest LC IDE on it quite comfortably.

There's a place for RPi, but there are more places for NUCs and sticks. And with so many knock-offs available, NUC and stick options below $200 abound.
</Semi-OT RPi ran>

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