Bill wrote:

"For me, it's a pain point because when I try to build a standalone and I don't 
have one of the widgets linked, I only get a message saying "module not found" 
or something like that. "

I think it is actually worse than that. I'm bleary eyed from pushing so many 
builds these past few days, but I could swear I actually got all the way thru 
with a success but then the app failed on my Nexus 5, when  it tried to open a 
stack that required the widget. our app is modular, the loader stack against 
which the SA is built, doesn't actually have any of the required inclusions on 
it's cd 1 which is the only card.  the init script launches a navigation panel 
that is built from our JSON and images in /assets, ie. also no inclusions 
required for display/functionality.

so far so good the app appeared to be work… then go to stack 6 which used the 
header widget  app crashed… I'm thnk I broke some script in Stack 6 (had been 
doing a bunch of refactoring)  tried again, this time from the navigation 
panel, open stack 8… which uses a switch button widget on card 4 of that stack…
 well cd 1 of stack 8 appears just fine… but then when you move to card four. 

This is more than just a pain--you start question your sanity because if you 
set a break point on the preopenstack D, turn on remote bugging etc step 
through code you will never see anything wrong with your scripts. And it all 
works on desktop. on a pure "hunch" I finally committed everything in my 
current branch, check out another branch, took screen shot of the SA settings 
panel on the older init stack…  *then* checked out my working branch (which was 
refactored to use a leaner loader stack, and I had to redo all the SA settings) 
 and then compared the SA settings to the screen shot and slap myself on the 
head… I had forgotten that stack 6 require the Header Widget and Stack 8 
required the switch button widget. 

literally hours later, with zero progress in design/content/coding  I got back 
to work I(so much for LC productivity!  but hey, I still am holding out and 
keep my JS books on the shelf, unopened, I hope, for as long as I 
can…Fortunately I did get the discounted business license and the team in 
Scotland has been very helpful and patient. I may actually have something for 
the stores in May! 

Thanks Elanor!

Bill: "Seems it would be easy to notify the name of the in-found module." yes 


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