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Do folks know if there are specific Android devices that play nicely
or badly with LC?  If not, can I just proceed on the basis of keeping
costs low?

If you could specify a single device for end users, which would you
choose?  Would the need to use 3 / 4G change the recommendation?

As Richard said, it all depends on what the app does. If it relies on lots of multimedia, you need something with a faster CPU and graphics card than if it is just going to present some fields and buttons. If it needs good internet access, I've seen differences just between my two Samsung phones, the newer phone naturally is faster than the older one and connects more reliably to networks with weaker signal strength.

The need for 3/4G doesn't matter, the OS handles the type of data connection based on what's available. If there is wifi available it will use that, otherwise it falls back to cell data.

I don't know of any Android devices that flat-out won't work with LC, but some may work better than others. In general you get what you pay for. A cheap phone will work but may not have the power or features you need. Your best bet is to list the features the app requires and then see which phones provide those features. Then compare cost vs. performance.

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