After a quick test, these are my results
looking for identical and similar blend modes
but notice that these results could differ
from your own results:

1) srcXor = BlendExclusion = BlendDifference

2) srcOr = addMax = addPin = BlendDodge = BlendLighten = blendScreen =

3) srcCopy = Transparent = BlendHardLight

4) srcAnd = adMin = BlendBurn = BlendDarken = BlendMultiply

5) addOver = noop = BlendDstOver

subPin almost looks like reverse

There are many aritmetic and bitwise blending modes
that do not have a direct equivalent using Imaging
blend modes... but probably (or not) these blending
modes could be "simulated" using color overlays,
groups, structural blends and imaging blend modes

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