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Am I right, that using "put URL" is a standard http:// protocol via port
8080? Or is there a special port being used by LC?

HTTP is port 80 - HTTPS is port 443.

LC does not do anything non-standard here (unless you specify, e.g. http://livecode.com:93).

Are there any ideas from your experience, what and how to check for to find
the blocking factor in a customer network?

Right, so - we know there are problems with LiveCode's networking stack communicating in some network environments. However, the problem is that we're not sure what configurations are actually causing the problem.

Trevor DeVore has done a lot of work over the years to help improve the internet settings auto-discovery, to make LiveCode much better in this regard; however, things still aren't perfect.

If we can find a way to fetch all the info about places which are not letting libURL work, then we can look into making it work... The problem is working out how to collect that information.

If anyone has any ideas on this score then that would be most helpful!

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