LC 8.1.4 I have a program out in the market, and I am unsure, if it runs
with or without tsNet.

The tsNet.dll  is located in the Externals folder (from a former build), but
accidentially I removed the checkmark from the tsNet extension in the
standalone builder at the last build.

So does a standalone loads all externals, which reside in the Externals
folder of the standalone? In my case also the tsNet, or does it have an
internal "list" of externals, which was build while the standalone was build
and it loads only those externals, which were checked at the time of the
standalone build and would ignore the tsNet in my case? I don't know, how I
could test if it is used or not in my special case, because of the fallback
to libUrl the URL keyword works anyhow.







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