I feel, that I am missing some basics about URL / libUrl / tsNet.

I thought, when using the keyword "URL" like in "put URL foo into res" it
has used under the hood in the past functions from libUrl. And I thought
since LC 8 or so libURL was replaced by tsNet, so when using today the
keyword URL it uses under the hood tsNet.

But as Trevor pointed out in my last post "which port is being used with get
URL?", he switched from libUrl to tsNet. That sounds like libUrl and tsNet
are two alternatives and I can choose, which one I am using to create
internet functions. Looking in the dictionary I see the dedicated libURL and
tsNet functions, this looks, like I have to use the libURL or tsNet
functions directly instead of the keyword URL, but what makes the
difference? And what is being used under the hood, when doing "put URL"?

Thanks for shedding some light on this.






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