On 2017-05-23 17:05, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
Has LiveCode ever considered a "redraw screen" command or something like
that which lets the system have some free CPU cycles but without other
UI events getting processed?

Is there an enhancement request for such a feature in the LiveCode
bugzilla database?

Does anyone else run into this issue in their work?

What is the "best practice" for this issue?

What Richard said is correct - at some point we reworked things so that:

After every LiveCode Script command which executes and adds an update region
to a stack, the updates are flushed to the screen.

If a command is executed inside 'lock / unlock screen', all accumulated
updates are flushed on unlock screen (assuming unlocking the screen at that
point reduces the lock count to zero).

The screen is implicitly unlocked when all running handlers finish (i.e.
control returns to the root event loop).

I've just done a quick check in 6.7.11 and doing:

  repeat forever
    set the hilite of button 1 to false
    set the hilite of button 1 to true
  end repeat

Does what is expected - the screen updates after each 'set'. Wrapping
one or other in 'lock/unlock' screen causes the same effect.

So I'm surprised you need the 'wait for messages' even in 6.7.11 - can
you post some more context to what you are doing?

In any case, you might find wait without messages is sufficient to solve
your problem - this still causes the event loop to run, but everything is
just queued rather than processed. In particular, using this you won't
get any events percolating through script.

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