On 06/04/2017 10:06 AM, Matt Maier via use-livecode wrote:
Hokay, so, apparently post is a blocking command, which is a bad idea for
multiple potentially large files. So I'm trying to use this, but it's still
downloading 1kb files.

*put* "https:" & tImgUrl into tImgUrl

*set* itemdelimiter to "/"

*put* item -1 of tImgUrl into tImgName

*set* itemdelimiter to comma

*put* tNewFolder & "/" & tImgName into tNewFile

libURLDownloadToFile tImgUrl,tNewFile

Multiple unknowns here.
First of all, you're conflating 'post' and 'downloading' which is muchly confusing.

I assume that tImgUrl starts with "//" at the start of this code. Otherwise you'll need to add it after the "https:" prefix.

And don't you want a callback message to make it asynchronous?
And remember to check the URLStatus in the callback handler.

 Mark Wieder

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