I dunno. Here's what I just did and it loaded the image with no problems. All 97,183 bytes worth. Do you have write permission to the folder you're downloading to?

on mouseUp
   local tImgUrl
   local tImgName
   local tNewFile
   constant tNewFolder="/home/mwieder/Desktop"

put "//s3.amazonaws.com/appforest_uf/f1496548544475x140387106221169240/grilled_cheese_on_plate.jpg" into tImgUrl

   put "https:" & tImgUrl into tImgUrl
   set itemdelimiter to "/"
   put item -1 of tImgUrl into tImgName
   set itemdelimiter to comma
   put tNewFolder & "/" & tImgName into tNewFile
   libURLDownloadToFile tImgUrl,tNewFile, "finished"
end mouseUp

on finished
   answer "All Done"
end finished

 Mark Wieder

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