DB Lib (andregarzia/projects/dblib) is a minimalistic database library for
LiveCode that works on Desktop and Mobile and allows you to build
database-savvy apps without writing SQL directly.

This post is to introduce a great new feature called Remote DB Lib. As you
may know from posts on the mailing list and forums, many developers would
like to use DB Lib in their apps over the internet. Like all other database
libraries that work on top of RevDB, DB Lib (until today) needed to connect
directly to the database server to work and this is not a good solution for
apps that work over the internet since exposing MySQL to the internet at
large is a huge security risk.

Today I am releasing the first version of a drop-in replacement library
called **Remote DB Lib**. This new library has the same API as the current
DB Lib but instead of working on top of RevDB, it works alongside a
matching PHP file on your server, it is this PHP file that actually talks
to the database server. The Remote DB Lib picks all your DB Lib calls and
packs it on an encrypted message that is sent to the PHP file where it is
decrypted and executed. This library is using state of the art AES 256

More info at: andregarzia.com/en/blog/introducing-remote-dblib

This new library is a part of the DB Lib product so all current customers
should be receiving an update notice shortly. For those that don't have a
license yet, this is a good time to get it and enhance the security of your




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