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> GREAT!  Love your library already, this makes it that much better.  Thank
> you!

I should have implemented that a long time ago rsrsrsrsrsrs... The cool
thing is the amount of security you get. If you choose a good encryption
key and also add a SSL certificate to your site (like the ones from Let's
Encrypt), you're essentially adding a very thick protection layer to your
database calls. A person would need not only to do a MITM attack on your
connection and also break the AES 256 encryption of the message. That is
quite hard to do. It is the first time that this kind of safe/remote
database library is available for LiveCode.

With this library you can have a local SQLite database on a mobile app,
then, use the new remote library to connect to a remote MySQL server and
sync data. Of course you would still need to write the sync and conflict
resolution code but it is much easier and safer than exposing your MySQL
server to the internet.

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