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I would love to build 64-bit for Mac, but up to now, the Valentina extension
is still 32-bit, I hope they'll get it fixed by time.

I must confess that we always had the intent of dropping the 32-bit slice of the engine on Mac from 9 onwards. However, the case of people having to rely on 32-bit only externals potentially puts a spanner in that - so we might have to hold over to 'the next major version'.

The reason this would be good to do is that:

1) Beyond the (legacy) 32-bit externals problem there is no advantage to the 32-bit slice

2) It means our Mac builds will halve in time (which is important for CI, in particular) as it only has to compile once (and not twice) per build

  3) It is one less 'thing to think about' when doing Mac engine work.

  4) It makes LiveCode and the apps it builds more compact.

At the very least, we'll certainly be switching the IDE to 64-bit (by default) and make the SB build 64-bit only (by default) in 9+.

I'll see if we can get in contact with Valentina and find out what would be needed to do a 64-bit version.

As a general request, can people let us know if they are relying on externals on Mac which are currently 32-bit only?

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