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So, backwards compatibility does not interest you?

Seriously - you ask that question?

LiveCode 9 still happily runs stacks which were written in the early days of MetaCard.

We are *extremely* careful not to break existing scripts and stacks - we either do accidentally (if that is so, we fix those issues with a high degree of priority); if intentionally then it is only for a very good reason.

I, for one, run Mac Machines running MacOS 10.4 PPC.

LiveCode 6.6.5 was the last version of LiveCode to support PowerPC on Mac - so given we are talking about LiveCode *9* you point is entirely moot.

A lot of these machine are being dumped in poor countries where they can be used
for good purposes.

I appreciate that, but since Apple haven't supported PowerPC for a very long time, and their toolchains (the things we need to use to build the engine) haven't for a very long time - there's little hope of PowerPC being resurrected in a future LiveCode version unless someone stumps up a very very large amount of cash (we are talking on the order of $100,000+ as a start, and then a significant amount for ongoing maintenance) and even then finding reliable hardware which has the specs needed to do engine development is becoming increasingly difficult, if not impossible.

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