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1) You are comparing 64bit and 32bit modes on a 64bit architecture.
This is the correct answer for my cheeky post above (by the way that
wasn't targeted, to the special case LiveCode and was a bit caused by
the fact that the first 64bit-Finder was 80-100% slower than the 32bit

The 32-bit Finder was Carbon and had been in development for years (moved forward from Arch to Arch).

The 64-bit Finder was completely rewritten in Cocoa - it would have taken a while for it to get optimized to the extent of the previous version - I suspect the performance differences were largely completely unrelated to even the move to Cocoa... Just the fact it was 'brand new code'.

2) My simple user experiences are that some 32bit apps perform on a
32bit architecture obviously faster than the 64bit variant on 64bit

For example on Mac LC 6.5-standalones run the same optimized code (with
large imageData) on 32bit-architecture/slower CPU still 3-5 times faster
than the 64bit-LC 8.1.4 standalones variant on 64bit-architecture.

Heh - that's not comparing like with like though is it? ;)

The speed difference there is nothing to do with architecture of the CPU, but architecture of the engine. Which is a separate issue :)

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