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> Yes, in essence. If you have a group and set the clipsToRect property to true 
> (there’s no way to set it in the PI yet—that’s what I’m going to add), you 
> can then change the rect of the group, and the group will *not* automatically 
> reset its rect to the size of the child controls + margin. It is persistent, 
> even if you leave the card or close the stack. Yet the group’s position and 
> size remains unlocked so you can quickly select and change the group’s rect 
> if you want. A nice feature when you need it.
> ClipsToRect is the property name. So what “plain language” label do you think 
> would be best for the PI?

I think this is one of those cases where the default behaviour was a bad idea. 
Or perhaps was implemented before groups were used for much other than 
backgrounds. Other objects we need to set to the formatted width/height so why 
are groups special cased. Anyway, I would keep it simple and use `Clips to 
rect` so at least it’s easy to relate to the dictionary entry/property name.

What would really be good and resolve this to a significant extent is if the 
tooltip were multi-line with the property summary included.



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