Making scripted elements is a great thing for scripters to do. And the one thing we all have in common here is that we're all scripters.

There should be no need to make LC Ltd's C++ experts set aside work on the engine to build these instead.

What prevents any of us from delivering those?

 Richard Gaskin
 Fourth World Systems

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami wrote:

Thanks for jumping in, very inspiring work you have all been doing recently. 
One has to wonder if anyone sleeps in Edinborough!

I've been having a running conversation with Richard on how to make small solutions 
available to the whole community, in the spirit of "this would make adoption of LC 
as a platform more tenable."  I had ideas about how to turn that into revenue  for 
LC company also, But Richard pointed out the I was a bit naïve on ROI (which I was/am)  
but that is a different discussion.

Simply put: one can enter google "SQL Query Descending Order" and get 100's of 
hits with examples.
OR (different context entirely but…_)
Go to the Unity plug in store and find 1000+ plugins (open source) free or from 2.99 to 99.99. Newbies and even us "old timers" need a leg up on "how to" with
a) examples scripts
b) actual LC native binary stacks as demos.
c) script only behaviors attached to custom controls
     (I'm only getting into this now… awesome potential for "plug-ins)
c) central respository/index of some kind
d) ways we all can contribute.

presently key info is fragmented across.

1) dictionary (no or very few robust examples)
2) API tab 3) on line lessons (many of which are obsolete)
4) answers in the email list
5) forum treads
6) blogs
7) Course (different from on line lessons?)
8) various develop web site where they off there "stuff" for free
9) Rev-online
9) behind paywalls like Global Connect

So, fantastic work you are doing! Indeed, but please consider the "high level" 
documentation/indexing/global LC knowledge base as important a key feature to develop for the 
platform as new "deep tech" features.


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    Sooner would have been better. However just in case you missed it, the
    architecture has been available to play with for many months and a native
    field for Android is doable in 9-dp-7 posted last week. You have to change
    a few words in Ali¹s native button LCB file - he explained which ones in
    his talk. We¹ll follow with a blog post on that too shortly. There is a
    widget course available now
    which covers getting started with widgets. We will add in the info about
    the FFI layer to that course shortly. We will also modify the object Ali
    supplied to cover a whole variety of other native controls from the tools
    palette given each is just a tweak to that LCB. Its all in there and open
    source right now. Objective-C (and thus iOS) will be in DP 8.
Kind regards, Kevin

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