Mike Bonner wrote:

> Perhaps a different direction here?  I think it would be helpful to me
> as a perpetual newbie to have the option to insert common scripts on
> demand.
> Maybe a context sensitive dropdown with a mouseup framework for
> buttons, for fields, textchanged, keyup, keydown.



and even MetaCard:

...all provided popup menus in the Script Editor to insert handler outlines and more.

SC's was based on templates that included a tag for specifying the insertion point - very handy for modifying/extending them.

That sort of guidance can go a long way in helping newcomers more readily understand the scope of messages they can respond to.

> Maybe backed by a personal snippet library so that once one creates
> their perfect script for entering only floating numbers.. or whatever,
> make the handlers snippable so that they can be added to a local
> repository for that object type.

Extensibility would be very valuable.

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