Hi All,

I am trying to do some simple navigation with the header widget.

on mouseUp

local tActionName

put the mouseAction of me into tActionName

--if tActionName is not empty then
-- Execute script triggered by the given action

if tActionName is "back" then

go prev card


if tActionName is  “next" then

go next card

end if

end if

end mouseUp

I have changed the action name to Back and Next. However Back works fine, but 
Next does not. If i reset the action to “new item” the next button then works.

This doesn’t see quite right. Also, why does it not display the label “Next” 
near the icon like it does for “Back?” Is that because the widget was made to 
not show labels on additional icons?

I am also getting weird results for orientation changes . I am trying to get 
the header to stay at the top of the window, however on my resize command it 
appears to only work some of the times. Is there an example of floating around 
that shows a header widget updating it’s location after each rotation of the 

Thank you!

John Patten
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