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Hi All,

I am trying to do some simple navigation with the header widget.
I have changed the action name to Back and Next. However Back works fine, but 
Next does not. If i reset the action to “new item” the next button then works.
Not sure about that one. If it's a small stack and you're ok with it - email direct to me and I'll take a look. It took me a few tries but I finally did get my Header Widget to do (more or less) what I want.
This doesn’t see quite right. Also, why does it not display the label “Next” 
near the icon like it does for “Back?” Is that because the widget was made to 
not show labels on additional icons?
If you disable "first item left", then all icons act the same. If it is enabled, then all the items except the first one (i.e. those to the right of the title) are controlled by the choice of "icon" or "text" in itemStyle. The first/left one seems to be exceptional, and always displays both icon and text - and that matches the visual behaviour of most, if not all, of Apple's iOS apps - so I guess there's a guideline somewhere that recommends it.

However, there are other iOS apps that don't follow that convention, so I think it would be worht putting in an enhancement request asking to be able to do it.


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