Yup. But now what I want to do is intercept the hover message, or whatever that 
is that detects I am over a datagrid control, then set the tooltip to a string 
that represents selected datagrid data. The idea is that even though I have a 
subset of data actually displaying in the datagrid, I preload ALL the columns 
of the table in the dgData, and I want to be able to display more data from a 
particular record in the tooltip, depending on which record I am hovering over. 
That means I need some kind of message that gets sent to the datagrid when I am 
hovering over an element. 

I tried editing the script of the behavior, but of course that cannot be 
edited. I suppose I will have to copy the behavior of the datagrid to an 
independent button to play around with this. I was hoping there might be an 
easier way to do this. 

Bob S

> On Jul 11, 2017, at 18:37 , Mark Wieder via use-livecode 
> <use-livecode@lists.runrev.com> wrote:
> It's a tooltip.
> You shouldn't have to do anything special.
> Here's how I set the tooltip of widgets in the PowerTools datagrid:
> set the tooltip of image tWidgetNum of me to "someString"
> -- 
> Mark Wieder

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