The more we separate our code/libraries/behaviors from the binary UI, the more 
I find myself trying to dispatch call backs or other messages back to the 
group/card/stack that has a behavior and not the individual control: 
widget/button/field on the card itself, whose job was simply to intercept a 
mouse event and server as the target in higher switch.  So you need to get the 
long ID

widget id 1104 of card id 1002 of stack 

# widget is "downloadSelection"

so it seems a bit "hacky" but all I can think of to send a callback to the 
behavior attached to the card and not the widget itself is:

put the long ID of the target into pRequestedBy

delete word 1 to 4 of pRequestedBy

dispatch "someCommand" to "someOtherStack with  param1, param 2, sRequestedBy

# intent is, once load URL is done to close the download view dispatch update 
commands aback to the UI that initiated the Download: the stack "listen"

maybe hacky, but simple enough and well, this *is* supposed to be "English like 

but sometimes my code seems like "baby xTalk"   is there a better way?

OTOH Baby xTalk is more fun than C++!


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