Monte Goulding wrote:

> I have actually thought about whether it would be reasonable for `the
> long id` to return such an object reference as it would stringify
> automagically if necessary....I think complex objects that handle many
> object references and the IDE would have a significant bump in speed
> if we did such a thing.

Oh yes please!

Jacque recently showed me the speed difference between explicitly writing out the element of an object reference:

  get the width of btn 1 of cd 2 of stack "MyStack"

...vs other forms like long IDs:

  put the long is of btn 1 of cd 2 of stack "MyStack" into t5Obj
  get teh width of tObj

The latter is much slower, yet long IDs are so good to work with.

Anything that can be done to speed up object references would be great. I'd never before seen the impact until last week's testing, but once I did I'm now tempted to write tediously long code for those cases where a lot of objects need to be addressed. Your proposal makes all that go away, and fast that any form we have now.

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