Bob Sneidar wrote:

> Is there a stack version change from 8 to 9? If so, I would be averse
> to developing much in 9 except to play around a bit just to help out.

IIRC the last format change was between 8.0 and 8.1; 8.1 and 9.0 use the same format.

Better, if you do a Save As and choose a specific older format, subsequent use of Save will save in that format.

But I've only used that for a really old project made with 6.x. If the choice is between the 8.0 and 8.1 formats, go with 8.1 since it's a much better build anyway.

> If not, and I was reasonably assured no stack corruption was going
> to take place (obviously there are no guarantees, and I do make
> versioning backups) then I thin I would like to start using V9 for
> my daily developing.

Stack file corruption in very rare in LC, much rarer than in HyperCard or even the last several versions of FileMaker I used (it was so common there they included an item in the File menu to attempt to resurrect corrupted files).

That said, corruption is possible with all data in all programs at any time for a wide range of reasons (unexpected power outage, etc.).

There's good value in taking full advantage of automated periodic incremental backup systems like Time Machine (Mac) or DejaDup (Ubuntu).

Even better, Nextcloud triggers backup to your own self-managed cloud on save, maintaining a definable number of versions while also providing flexible sync for all your computers (I sync my LC Plugins folder and client work folders with it so I'm always working on local copies of the latest stuff no matter which machine I switch to).

And of course, there's always just manually making a copy at the beginning of a work session, or when you're about to so something really hairy. :)

> Or should I wait until the first RC?

Too late. If you find something specific to your project in an RC, it may not be addressable until the next version. In general, with few exceptions RCs are limited in scope to fixing only regressions that occur since the last DP. If you find anything outside of that mandate, there's a chance you just missed the whole version cycle and will have to wait or the next one.

As a general rule, developing with the most recent build of any designation, and shipping with the most recent Stable build, will provide the best mix of stability for your customers while maximizing opportunities to address any issues discovered during development.

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