Bob Sneidar wrote:

> Hah! I use NextCloud Box! $130 bucks or so and I have a local cloud
> backup.

...and so much more. When I need to trade files with clients and vendors I create accounts for them and they use it as easy as Dropbox, but without the limitations.

> Be forewarned though, once you sync a folder from your computer,
> NextCloud considers ITSELF the master, and unchecking a subfolder
> in that folder structure will DELETE THAT SUBFOLDER FROM YOUR
> DESKTOP!!!!! Suck!

Good to know. I tend to synx whole folders, so I haven't had occasion to do that. Kinda makes sense though: if the subfolder is not copied to the cloud master, if it wasn't removed in sync the result wouldn't match.

In my case, if I want something no synced within a synced folder I just move it some place else.

But maybe my expectations are low. After years of being limited to the narrow requirements of what Dropbox or Google Drive will allow you to sync I'm just happy that I can choose my own individual sync folders at all.

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