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I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier, but . . .

A simple way to get *some* level of control structure labeling . . .

So when finding the structure typed in the id of

  switch -- myLoop

instead of simply adding an end switch, the comment could be copied

  end switch -- myLoop

Better yet, perhaps, would be to insert "end " before the first word
of the comment.

I do this regularly with repeat statements and if/endif statments as well, in fact the glx2 script editor does this automatically for me. It helps keep me more or less sane, especially when dealing with nested structures. Instead of a comment like "myLoop" I use the parameters to the switch or repeat or if statement, so I end up with

switch word 1 of tLine
end switch -- word 1 of tLine

repeat for each item tItem in tList
end repeat -- for each item tItem in tList

if tVariable is not empty then
end if -- tVariable is not empty

 Mark Wieder

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