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> Well, you don't actually have to use the tooltip. It wouldn't interfere with 
> your current method and would enhance the editor for those who don't want the 
> clutter.

Having thought about this a bit I think the issue with the tooltip is if it is 
worked out dynamically then if you’ve done something to stuff up your control 
structures then it won’t work out the right thing anyway… when the comments are 
most useful is in exactly that scenario so perhaps comments is the way to go 
for those that wan them.

So we need:

1. an optional way to add such comments (even users that want them might not 
want them unless they are making spaghetti)
2. automagical maintenance if the comments exist and you change the condition
3. work out whether tags rather than the actual condition is what people really 
want because the condition might add too much clutter:

if some complicated condition then # I’m a makin’ spaghetti
   — spaghetti
end if # I’m a makin' spaghetti


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