To begin, the original purpose of this thread was to discover why the app was 
rejected by Apple.  It turns out that my app disables tsNet (because I have had 
tons of trouble with it) and that’s why the first stack was successful and the 
second one failed.  Simply not disabling tsNet resolved the problem and the app 
was the approved and released in the app store.

Now, does Apple allow my app to launch, and then download, save, and run a 
stack?  The answer is yes.   I have several apps in the app store now that 
function under this architecture.   In my opinion, a LiveCode stack is no more 
“executable code” than is a web page or java script.  And those is certainly 

I also believe that this practice is best and not heard.   As of now, Apple is 
not rejecting these apps.  Let’s not give them a reason to “look deeper” when 
reviewing our submitted apps.  I quietly enjoy all the possibilities that this 
system brings.  I also don’t abuse it.


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