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Unless I read your post incorrectly, mark, "Do" works just fine, at least

Yes it does - the point I was making was that breaking the rules in the App Store could end up with us having to restrict what the LiveCode engine can do when being run in an App Store Installed environment to ensure that we aren't blocked from said App Store. The blunt instrument would be not allowing *any* dynamic code execution (which is essentially what Apple *did* do for a while in 2010).

The sideloading/bootstrapping capabilities in LC are a fantastic way to
work on corporate apps, force updates, and save everyone time and hassle.

What happens inside corporations within the Enterprise schemes the App Stores have is not the issue here. There you can do whatever you like - within what the IT departments allow, at least.

This is the consumer facing App Store(s) which have these restrictions. Primarily to protect people who don't want to have to understand all the details of the risks involved with having hugely powerful computational devices in their pockets which can download and run code provided by (what are, in reality) very loosely vetted organisations/businesses/individuals. Particularly when those computational devices also tend to store their entire 'lives' (in terms of personal details, financial details, contacts, etc.).

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